17 Bikes Pinched From Norco Storage Facility


October 19, 2010

A week ago, Norco had their off-site storage facility broken into. The thieves in question went straight for the goods, stealing a selection of high-end Norco Downhill, Freeride and Haro BMX bicycles.

If there is one thing, for better or worse, that will get a group of cyclists riled up, it is bike theft. It is something that affects us all, but when our communities unite it is something that we can put a stop to.

We are putting the call out to all riders in the Vancouver BC area to help us keep an eye out for the Norco and Haro bicycles below. Whether it is online, on the trail, from the back of a van or elsewhere we are asking that you please contact your local Police immediately if you come across anyone trying to sell these bicycles, frames or parts kits from them.

The bikes that were stolen are:

• 10 x 2011 Norco Team Dh

• 2 x 2011 Norco 250

• 1 x 2011 Norco Shore 2.0

• 2 x 2011 Haro 400.2 BMX

• 2 x 2011 Haro 400.3 BMX

These bikes should be easy to spot!! Of the bikes stolen, the 2011 Norco Team Dh’s had just arrived at Norco and only one dealer and a couple of Norco staff have possession of these bicycles in Western Canada. This makes the Dh’s unique and easy to spot as they have custom decals and a full Saint group, so if you notice anyone posting either complete bikes or parts for sale or riding the new bikes that are not associated with Norco again please let the Police know ASAP.

The West Coast riding scene is made up of some of the most dedicated cyclists around and we appreciate your help in trying to stop the low down scum and scourge of the cycling scene – bicycle thieves. With your help we are hoping to nail these thieves and we thank you for helping us stop the “fun-wreckers.”


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