Saturday Morning Toonie Training Series Coming to Abbotsford

Matt Scott and FVMBA are at it again to help those of us who might have indulged a bit too much over Christmas. Now there are no more excuses, its time to start riding with a purpose again!

His Saturday Morning Toonies are meant as fun, low key training rides. These aren’t races. They’re to be one step above going out for a typical training ride with your buddies.

Based on the trails being used though, these Toonies are intended for an intermediate to advanced rider. You are expected to know the course and the difficulty of the trails. You should also be self sufficient. If you’re unsure of the trails, you have 4 weeks to head out for a pre ride to get a feel for the course. And we can help with that Bunnies! Any Bunnie who would like to try it before they buy it so to speak is welcome to come out for a trial run on January 26. Check the forum to sign up!

The Course – Leave Sandringham, road ride to the Highlands, take your first right into Harvest Dr. Head into the trails at the end of the cal du sac. Stay straight on the main trail, up and over the bridge over the farmers fence, traverse straight to Lazyboy. Up Lazyboy, Tools of the Trade to the Ranch Climb. Through the man gate and up to XCelerator (first trail on the right past the main lookout). Down the full XCelerator route (the ride-around for “the Chute” is encourage though) and out onto Autobahn. Ride AmbideXCrous and out onto the powerlines and down finishing at the Yellow Gate.

One other thing to note about the course. Every week the direction on the finishing loop of AmbideXCrous will change from Clockwise to Counter Clockwise.

  • Counter Clockwise route (super steep climbing/flowy descent) – Off of Autobahn, you’ll head up right immediately, climb to the bluffs, then down to lower AmbideXCrous. You will exit to the power lines at the four corners, then down to the yellow gate.
  • Clockwise route (easier climb/technical descent) – Off of Autobahn, you’ll go up the skinny bridge and take lower AmbideXCrous through to 4 corners, turn right and head up to the bluffs, then back down and returning to Autobahn. Head out Autobahn to the big rock under the power lines (at the top of the gravel climb), then down to the yellow gate. No cheating and short cutting down the skidded out trail, left at the tower. You’ll lose your daily beer draw for that.

There is a lot of singletrack and switchbacks for this course. These trails will be perfect prep for races like the NIMBY 50. Between both the climbing and descending switchbacks on XCelerator and AmbideXCrous, come May 25th you’ll be yelling “track on your left” more then ever before.

Three Saturday Toonie rules of etiquette to live by:

  • If your leading or in a train of guys in the singletrack and you bobble, its an immediate “two back”. You’re slowing guys down and need to get out of the way.
  • If you need to pass, just yell “out of the way fatboy”, followed by a double tap to the rear wheel.
  • Riding the “painless” route on XCelerator will not be tolerated. We’re riding to get stronger and the trail is meant to be climbed. I encourage anyone to call out other riders for taking the wuss route. You’ll be rewarded with that other riders beer for the day if you catch anyone cutting the trail. The only wuss line that will be tolerated and encouraged on XCelerator, is the ride-around for “The Chute”. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Start training.

FVMBA - twoonie training

FVMBA - twoonie map

The Muddbunnies encourage and welcome female riders of all experience and skill levels to join them in getting down and dirty. Come on, ride like a girl!

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