2011 Night Rides Have Begun

So as the light began to fade early many a Bunnie chose to hang up their helmet and call it a day for post work rides.  However one slightly crazy Aussie decided who needs daylight to ride! She dusted off a light that she had purchased the previous winter having so many good intentions, searched her closet for some Gore-tex and considered herself set to survive Vancouver’s winter!  But riding at night alone is never as much fun as riding with other Bunnies so she sent out the call and was pleasantly surprised to discover a few other Bunnies also enjoy a good night time adventure.

Since the 2010 night rides went so well I figured it is time to revive them for 2011.  So this past Wednesday, January 12th 2011 four adventurous Bunnies made the trek into the cold and the snow to participate in the first official Muddbunnies Ride of the 2011 Season!

Ride Report

I had set the ride time a little bit later than last year, firstly I was curious if a different ride time would produce new faces, and secondly I had to collect my bike from SuspensionWerx, evidently you should get your shock & fork serviced after about 100 hours of riding (not 300… oops).  I arrived to discover three eager Bunnies awaiting me.  After a quick group shot (To prove that we really did go go out in the cold and the snow) it was time to pedal up the hill.

First night ride of 2011

We discovered that by the second gate on Fromme the nice firm road had been coated in about two inches of slushy snow, the rest of the climb become a challenge of ‘who can stay on their bike’ and by the time we reached the second switchback we took a group vote and decided to stick with the lower trails.  Bobsled was covered in snow, and was slippery, especially on the woodwork, though myself and the other crazy Aussie felt the need to check out the larger of the two drops!

Since a lap on Bobsled is like a warm-up we decided to head back up the road and finish our ride by heading into Upper Griffin, King of the Shore and Lower Griffin.  There was a lot of laughter, a few squeals and overall a sense of enjoyment as we made our way down the trails.  The trails themselves are in fantastic condition at the moment.  I always feel so exhilarated at the end of a night ride, something about having been out in the forest, in the dark, ripping down trails both familiar and new.

Following is a couple of photos from the ride (sorry about the fuzzy but to start with I have a dodgy camera and secondly, it was dark!)

Smiles all round on Upper Griffin
Smiles all round on Upper Griffin

Not so dark after all!
Everything looks so much smoother at night

Bunnie Lights
Counting the lights (So easy to keep track of everyone in the dark!)

Lisa speeding around a corner

Speedy Bunnies on lower Griffin


3 thoughts on “2011 Night Rides Have Begun

  1. Love how the focus of these rides is just about having fun and enjoying having the mountain all to ourselves (well, maybe sharing it with other bunnies crazy enough to b out riding!)

    Gotta love those shoelaces 😉

  2. I always say night riding is like getting to play in the toy store after it’s closed for the night!

    Evidently I need to get out in the snow a little more often, but thankfully we don’t get much of that here in Vancouver anyway!

    Always good to get out!! And yes, love your shoelaces!

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