2011/2012 Indoor 4x Season

FVMBA Indoor Race Series – 2011/2012 4X Season

Tuesday November 15 will see the start of the – 2011/2012 –four cross season!

First indoor track will be built MON. Nov 14th. Any rider who bought a Rockabilly license for the Jan/feb 2011 season will be honored as insurance by Cycling BC.  All riders will need to have a FVMBA membership ($20) to participate. Any racer who raced the FVMBA toonie series already has a FVMBA membership. UCI licenses are insured as long as your license is valid.
The FVMBA is clariying insurance details with Cycling BC right now.

Practice nights are $7, those who come out and just want to practice can. If you decide to race, just add $5 and you can race!
Pro Class same as last year $15 entry , five of this goes into a pot for the finals to be paid back to top pro riders on the Feb 14 finals.

This year the evening will start a little earlier with registration @ 6:30-7:30, racing @ 7:45 so we can finish and riders can make it home earlier. If you are coming from Van or further, you can phone 604-308-2291 Abbotsford BMX hotline and you will be entered automatically. FVMBA will do all they can to keep this event family friendly and fun.

All who run indoor are volunteers who love bikes and biking,the Abbotsford BMX executive who do the lion share of the work are to be commended for this commitment.

Practice Days: First Build

Nov 15, Nov 17, Nov 24, Dec 1

Race Days:

Nov 22nd – race #1
Nov 29th – race #2
Jan 24 – race #3
Jan 31 – race #4
Feb 7 – race #5
Feb 14 – race #6/Finals
Lots of details still to work out, but looking out at the rain and cooler weather, its time to get excited!

Indoor 4x Abbotsford is ON, get those bikes ready!

Plan to come out and race with a few Muddbunnies Race Team members!

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