2012 BC Cup Bear Mountain Challenge

The Bear Mountain Challenge is coming up June 30th and July 1st. As usual, we run both the X/c and DH races on the same weekend:

Each year, a significant portion of the funds raised by the races are given to local biking concerns to assist with their activities. Over the last 5 years, these events have contributed over $10,000 to riding in the Fraser valley. Come race and help support this effort.

Red Mountain XC Challenge – June 30, 2012
Bear Mountain DH Challenge – July 1, 2012

Both races are part of the BC cup again, so come on out if you’re in for points or in for pleasure. Either way, both races will be a blast.


XC will use the same course as last year on Red Mountain, but most likely without the mud-fest we encountered last year. We’re not up against the Test of Metal this year, so the field should be larger. Using this slightly shorter course gives the spectators a better chance to watch the race progress as riders overtake each other, and riders will have more passing opportunities.

DH uses the familiar favorite on Bear Mountain. We’re running max out on shuttles, with 3 buses, two truck/trailers and the 1 ton van. This combo has worked well in the past, so you should be able to get in several practice laps. But – COME EARLY!!!

Registration is now open on CCN.
Register @ CCN for DH here
Register @ CCN for XC Here

New for 2012: For most XC race categories, the registration fee has been reduced!!

Also: Register for both DH AND XC, and receive a $10.00 discount. If we get enough people doing both races, we’ll set aside some special swag for the combined winners.

Details on face book and our Web page:
Bear Mountain Challenge Web

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