2012 Calendar Release Party – Miss April’s take on the festivities!

Way to end the season with a bang! I loved being able to see the whole Muddbunnies Race Team in one place at one time. I was also very impressed with how many people showed up to support us! The biking community is always looking for a good party, and it was great to share the biking love with them! You are the best!

My season has been filled with highs and lows, but just like having a baby, the memories of pain fade away and the fondest memories take over. My best memories were my successes on the DH circuit, and ultimately, the people and new friends that I met. I never got tired of seeing the same faces at every race, because it only brought us closer.

The party gave me a lot of closure to the season and left me looking forward to the season ahead.

Thank you to all of the friends that I met and got to know, to Crystal and Diana for the support and encouragement, to Clayton for taking such beautiful photos that I will cherish forever, to Brett Tippie for keeping biking humorous, to you for buying a calendar, and to my beautiful family for giving me the time to devote to my passion.

Love you!

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One thought on “2012 Calendar Release Party – Miss April’s take on the festivities!

  1. Any muddbunnies out there willing to show me some good places to ride around the shore,vally,whistler or any place like it. advanced to expert ?????

    please send me an email if so


    just moved from the Yukon

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