2012 Calendar Release Party – Miss May’s take on the festivities!


I can relate to Michelle when she says she doesn’t get out much! Lisa Howey (who I carpooled with) and I are also moms and getting out on the town is a rarity…however this party was not to be missed.



We arrived in good time and the venue had a unique and rustic feel…unpretentious and casual….like the Bunnies!


It seemed as though the place filled up in minutes after 8pm came and went as Lisa and I watched the crowds while enjoying visitors as we manned the ticket and calendar sales table.



Although we are a race team that is supportive and encouraging to one anothers adventures, as a group we do not come together during the season.  Being an xc racer this year I was thrilled to have the companionship of Crystal at a few races and a bunch of bunnies at Nimby 50; but other than that the bunnies were mainly flocking to the DH events…where many podiums and great runs were achieved!



The calendar reveals and highlights the personalities of each rider and showcases such a variety of styles.  It was especially fun to have Brett Tippie as our MC to introduce and chat with each and every gal so those in the crowd could learn more about this group of ladies who are moms, wives, sisters and working professionals who ride and ride hard out of pure passion.


I am so proud to be a part of this crew and many many thanks to Di, Crystal and Clayton for making it happen and making it awesome!

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