2012 Calendar Release Party – Miss October’s Take on the Festivities!

OK, I’ll admit it….the Muddbunnies Calendar Release Party was here and I was nervous….. I am new to the MBs race team and new to the whole “calendar” thing, plus, with two young kids – I don’t get out much, let alone to a 200 person sold out party! 200 people? Sold out? – WHAT? Thankfully my nerves were put at ease when I arrived early at The Cellar to help with set-up. Di and Crystal had made pink sashes for the Race Team, naming our calendar month. So within 2 minutes, I was “Miss October.” (My favorite month by the way because of Octoberfest!!!)

After helping out with a few administrative things, the house lights went down and people starting filling the place up. It wasn’t long before it seemed quite packed and everyone seemed to having a good time. The drinks were flowing and there was lots of easy chatter. Being relatively new, I didn’t know too many people but since it was mainly a bike crowd we all had something in common to talk about. I met some great people…..lots of fellow riders, photographers, bike industry reps., trail builders, and beginning riders who were pumped to get out on Muddbunnie rides next season! Throughout the evening, there was a slideshow running on the multiple TVs which had some great shots from the racing season and fun “out-takes” from the calendar shoots (thank you Clayton!). I liked these shots because they captured the candor, spontaneity and fun of our team.

At around 10pm or so, the race team was called up on stage and introduced by Brett Tippie, who had also provided some entertaining commentary throughout the evening.

It was great to be up on the stage with the whole team and a big thanks to all of our supporters who bought raffle tickets and calendars! The team was then surprised with a poster roll that had our calendar photo shots inside. Aimee then provided a great collage of race team photos to Crystal and Di as a big thank you for organizing the race team and calendar project this season. Then came the raffle ticket draw……I was really, really hoping for a raffle ticket win, but it went to other folks in the crowd.


That ended the “formal” part of the event and everyone was left to continue partying as they chose fit. It was a great way to end the season! I also heard that we sold out of calendars at the party but there are more to be had via on-line orders!!!! Get yours, if you didn’t pick one up here!

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