2013 Muddbunnies Calendar – January (Behind the Scenes)

mudd-bunn-ie /`mud-bun-ee/ n: of or relating to, the female of the species of a ferocious mammal indigenous to British Colombia known for it’s aggressive behavior, highly advanced maneuvering skills and ability to defy gravity esp. when placed upon a mountain bike and set free with others of its species.

Dramatic photos that feature this elusive creature are now available in the 2013 Muddbunnie Calendar. A stunning collection of professional photographs captures the best of BC’s dramatic landscapes and the beast that thrives on conquering the rugged terrain. Earlier this year, the Muddbunnies had the envious job of choosing the best of thebest to publish in their calendar.

If a little is good, more is better. At least that’s what we thought, until it came time to sort through the hundreds of photos taken over the course of an entire biking season. How to choose twelve pictures that represented the best of the Bunnies’ 2012 single tracking? In the end, we choose the winners based on one unwavering criterion – they made us want to ride.

Never shy about accepting challenges, we started January on the knife’s edge of adventure. Our favorite Aussie, Michelle (better known as Mic), proves that Muddbunnies don’t hibernate. She’s a hucker by nature, though you wouldn’t know it from this photo, and regularly hits up trails like Fade to Black as casually as normal people brush their teeth.

But don’t think for a minute that Michelle was looking forward to dashing through the snow when we took our bikes to Whistler Bike Park last winter for this photo shoot. There’s no place Mic would rather shred, but who’d have thought that a couple of inches of the white stuff would turn this usually ferocious freerider into a shrinking violet? It took some major coaching and coaxing but we finally convinced her to loosen her death grip on the brakes. Thoroughly confident after conquering her terror, there was no stopping her. By the end of the shoot, Mic found something else she loves to do on a bike
– ride on snow!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve spent a little time on your bike. No doubt you’ll appreciate every page of the Muddbunnies 2013 Calendar now available at http://www.muddbunniesriding.com/store/Calendar/calendar.htm. Order yours today!

The Muddbunnies encourage and welcome female riders of all experience and skill levels to join them in getting down and dirty. Come on, ride like a girl!

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