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Beaupré, Thursday July 5th 2007 – DH Mecca Mont-Sainte-Anne is just about to launch its Powerade 4-Cross Series: set on the world cup trail, local riders are expected to get down and dirty in a take no-prisoners race to the bottom! The 3 part series will be held on July 21st, August 25th and September 15th and is open to all.

Photo: ASilverTouch.com

The popular series boasts more than $2400 in cash prizes, which explains why the riders are so eager to get to the finish line first. Or is it so they can put their hands on the oh so coveted winner’s flask? Whatever the reason, riders of all calibers are invited to register for the series:

Powerade 4-Cross Series

July 21st, August 25th and September 15th

Registration: 9am to noon

Mandatory practice runs: 9am to 1pm

Race: 1pm to 4:30pm

Rewards: 5pm

Dirt jump: keep ‘em busy!

And because most of the riders can’t stand still until the up-coming race, Mont-Sainte-Anne is offering a dirt jump to keep everybody occupied… to all free-riders greatest delight! The initial six-pack was first built for shows during the world cup event. The set-up was so popular, the resort decided to maintain two dirt jumps throughout the season.


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