6 of one, half dozen of another….

6 things I have learned so far….

Training at this time of year requires some adaptability (to say the least); kind of like being a parent. Juggling the two has taken a bit of tweaking but I think I have a decent plan in place to enjoy and accomplish my goal of the BCBIke R ace this summer!

One of the first things I have learned is to be give my husband a good heads up regarding my upcoming training plans (the outside ones that is). This way he can be in tune with what he needs to take over the child minding (not babysitting, since it is his own child…we needed to get that clear right from the get go!).  Kidding aside, he is amazing with his little guy and I know they enjoy their man time while I, and many times my fur child Skya, get to burn off some steam.

Second thing I have figured out is to take the training windows when I can.  I can’t get caught up in folding the laundry or finishing the dishes. Those things do need to get done but having the opportunity to actually leave the house needs to be taken.  It is easy to see why moms can put themselves last and always find something to do other than something for themselves.  I look at my training as fulfilling a promise; to myself and my family. The promise to make the most of this amazing opportunity to accomplish a goal; one that will bring me joy and as my husband always says, a happy wife is a happy life.  In other words, to find a balance between ones own needs and those of the family is a delicate one to accomplish. However, with support and encouragement it is extremely possible.

Third, jump on the bike trainer and bring the baby monitor with me (to the bike room) and get in a quality session while little man sleeps.  Often if it looks like all the day will present for me than I get it done when I can.  As the Nike cliche would state, “Just do it” and sometimes there is no choice and waiting for the better weather is just not an option (and really, who has this luxury…probably very few, especially on a weekday.)  I have figured this out after many nights on the bike trainer; training when I am tuckered after a long day. I am a resilient rider, however sometimes it simply makes more sense to go with the sure thing than slog through snow, windfall and muck doing little for my training or for the condition of the trails .

But you know what happens… you bloody well enjoy those outdoor rides with total bliss and appreciation.  I have ridden in the pissing and freezing rain and didn`t think twice about it.  I have had some fun riding on pathways with grippy freshly fallen snow…making the spring time seem so far away.  Getting a ride in outside while getting my dog out for a good run…who cares that I am getting wet….that was my window…regardless of the chilly reality behind it.

Fourth, I now look at the bike trainer as good quality physical training rather than a boring ride that takes me nowhere interesting….actually, geographically taking me nowhere at all.  Building a base is super important to complete the BCBR journey so these training sessions are good for disciplining the mind while riding at a steady pace with continual pedalling and complete control of my heart rate and effort. It takes me back to the days when I did triathlons (way back) and I spent hours and hours on a trainer (before I mountain biked of course) that really taught me how to focus and push my body without terrain based efforts. Plus, I can watch some silly shows if I want and not feel guilty about wasting my time with TV.

Fifth is what amazing company my dog Skya is. She is half lab and half Aussie Sheperd and built to run. It is awesome to see her get her Ya Ya`s out while I enjoy some pedalling fun. She got me out the door everyday for hikes when I was pregnant and now I take total joy in running her hard. I feel like I am still doing something for the family unit. On my last long ride I came back to the house after 2 hours and picked her up for the last half of my long ride of the week…and at the end of a ride that included snowy roads and pathways I got to enjoy bath time with my little guy and it was perfect, just perfect.

Sixth,  is how much I still crave and love to ride but also how much I love coming home to my little man. Excuse the sappiness but it is so true…it just elevates things to a new level. I don`t miss the so called freedom and don`t blink an eye when I read and hear about other peoples weekend epic adventures. Perhaps because I have always been an adventurer and competitor to some extent and now playtime is a bonus, to my already challenging and rewarding role as “mama“.

Next…daylight savings and spring is almost here!


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5 thoughts on “6 of one, half dozen of another….

  1. You’re such an inspiration, Aimee! Good for you in finding balance in your life and focusing on the things that make you happy. Go for it!

  2. Great write-up and information to share for those other mothers out there. You’ve done a great job finding balance and motivation. Nice work!!

  3. Aimee – u r such an inspiration! Thanks for giving us an insight into what it’s like to be a mum and a cyclist in training! Keep going strong! Mic 🙂

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