Date:Tue Jun 5, 2007
Source: Golden Cycling Club/PINKBIKE


Golden, BC Canada 2007

It’s back! This July, on the weekend of Friday the 13th, the Golden Cycling Club is ready to go psycho with the worlds most demented downhill mountain bikers. Back with what the core consider to be Canada’s, and even North America’s premier downhill mountain bike race, this years 9th annual Mount 7 Psychosis will continue to lead the train of endurance downhill racing. With the continuous help of supporters like Red Bull, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Calgary Cycle, Chromag, SRAM, Cycles Lambert, all shops on the western Alberta / East Kootenay region and many more, Psychosis has become what it is thanks to the people who thrive on the true essence of DH racing.


With over 4000ft of vertical single track descending and a total of over $10,000 in cash prizes, freeriders and racers from around the globe make their way to Golden, BC in order to challenge each other, and themselves down the longest, toughest, steepest single track downhill course out there. Check out the photo galleries at to see what we mean. A $5,000.00 first place prize doesn’t come easy.

Sustained scree-slope surfing, multiple rock drops and a 40ft air are what were conquered to near perfection by Tyler Morland when he set a new course record in 2006 beating out legends Nathan Rennie and Kris Kovarik with a time of 12:58:33 (past results at ).


As insane as this infamous course is, all riders must experience it in some way, either from midway start (5k) on the Saturday for a more acceptable dose of adrenalin or from the top (the Launch Pad) on Sunday for an experience that you won’t forget any time soon. Even as a spectator, you will get to catch some of these world famous athletes hammering down slopes common to mountain goats and maybe have a word with them as you get around on the shuttle service. Food, beer gardens, music and suppliers will be on-site to take care of all your weekend needs.

If you think you have what it takes to participate as a rider or sponsor, log on to and for more information and registration. There are only 100 starts for Saturday’s race 150 starts for Sunday’s Psychosis.

Watch for some riders from Team Muddbunnies and the EB Chickas at this race!

photo by: Jenny Lee

See you in Golden.


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