A Muddbunnies FairyTale…

Recap of “Always a Bridesmaid” Social Fundraiser… All proceeds went to the Muddbunnies Riding Club

Once a bridesmaid dress , always a bridesmaid dress, unless you have a Muddbunnie social to attend!

Dar and Christine sporting their Bridesmaid dresses

This year our social was focused on the environmental message of re-use, repurpose and re-cycle. Since we all are pretty good at the cycling part, we focused our attention on the re-using.

Bringing out those old and oh-so lovely bridesmaid dresses for weddings past was a great way to loosen up, kick back and enjoy a beverage in one of our favorite North Vancouver pubs, Churchills Lounge.

This years gathering might have been smaller in numbers but we made up for it in shiny taffeta material, yards and yards of it.

Back: Ring, Maiken, Susan, Dar, Bree, Bobbi, Vanessa
Front: Dee, Christine

We had a wonderful evening, enjoying some nice nibbles, and like all weddings, waiting for the cake to be cut. This gem of a creation was made by “Tyson’s Cakes”. Any cake with bikes, trees, trails and edible rocks, rocks!

Yes, this was an edible Shore-inspired cake!

Thanks to all the bunnies who attended, including our newest member to the club Sea Foam!

Vanessa re-using a classic sea foam bridesmaid dress

Dee did a sensational job cooking up a storm to keep our MuddBunnies and supporters fed and happy.  A big thank you goes out to our host and generous supporter, John Fritz, owner of Churchill’s Lounge in North Vancouver.

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