A Thank You Note To Cyclists, From Toronto with Love

Don’t let Toronto’s Mayor fool you, fellow cyclist, someone in Toronto does love us!

A friend forwarded this news piece, as published on Torontoist.com
As Noted in Torontoist

A couple of days ago on College Street, a Toronto man was doing what many of us do: riding his bike. It seemed like an ordinary day and an ordinary ride, but then—a twist. Here is what happened next, as reported by Tom Polarbear over on TorontoCranks:

An older woman stepped out to the edge of the sidewalk and handed me an envelope, saying “Thank you for cycling today!” I thought it might be a flyer or something so I stuck it into my pocket and started through the now green light…
A bit further ahead I thought I’d make a U-turn and go back and see who she worked for, but she was gone.

When I got home I looked at the envelope. It’s hand lettered [and says] “Thank You ($ gift inside).”

I opened it and inside was a letter and a new $5.00 bill.

We spoke with several cycling activists, none of whom had encountered this cycling fairy themselves, but all of whom were moved by the gesture.

We’ll be sure to update if we find out more about her, and in the meantime: happy and safe cycling.

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