Abbotsford Indoor 4x Results – MUDDBUNNIES REPRESENT!

Tuesday February 14th (aka Valentine’s Day) marked the end of the 4X series for this winter. Does that mean summer is on its way? I think we can all agree that we sure hope so.

Kelly Jones lovin' it up at the 4x finals for Valentine's Day!

The FVMBA appreciates everyone who came out to race or volunteer this year, especially those that decided to spend Valentines Day with their two wheeled sweetheart and join in for the finals. Check out the final point tally and some great photos by Collin Cameron and Kevin Feather to see how it all went down.

Kelly racing towards her 2nd overall finish!

The FVMBA would like to thank all sponsors who helped make the series a success. They had support from Race Face, Norco, Kona, Pinkbike, Kali, Chromag, Wentings Cycle, North Shore Bike Shop, Cranky’s Aldergrove, Obsession Bikes, Lifecycle and Maple Ridge Cycle.

One of the favorite stories from this year was being able to help out a group of students in need. Kids were hooked up with a Rampage frame and wheelset from Norco. The local community and sponsors then decided to give a little extra and set the bike up for the kids. These kids are set to rip it up next year!

Isabelle and Kelly - racing Bunnies!

A big congratulations goes out to team members Kelly Jones and Isabelle Deguise for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes! Awesome job ladies!!!


A huge thank you goes out to our 2012 Muddbunnies Race Team sponsors! Our racers have the opportunity to race because of these wonderful sponsors, please take a moment to visit their sites:

Red Racer Beer:
Reflect Sports:
Dirty Girl Designs:
Design Out Loud:
Caps New Westminster:
Different Bikes:
Velocity Cycles:

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