Action Sports Hall of Fame – Vote for Tammy Donahugh!

Tammy Donahugh (see the Dixie Trix event) has been nominated for the Action Sports Hall of Fame!!! You can vote for her induction here, you just have to sign up (no fee) with an email address. So rad that she is amongst the other riders here. Please VOTE!

How the Hall of Fame Works

We let The World decide…

The world of Action Sports is fantastic, groundbreaking, and undeniably unique. As a result, you’ll notice that some of the nominees in the Action Sports Hall of Fame are quite young, but they’ve already solidified their position among the best ever. We’ve actually had to leave out quite a few younger athletes that should probably be nominated, but there’s always next year….The rules are there ain’t no rules.

Our nominees take into account competition results, worldwide exposure, and the impact they’ve made in progressing their respective sport. We’ve included athletes from all disciplines, since it’s impossible to pigeonhole certain accomplishments.

An example:
Should an Olympic alpine ski racer like Ingemar Stenmark be considered a better skier than a pioneer freestyler like Shane McConkey? Is a national champion motocross racer like James Stewart better than freestyler Mike Metzger because he goes around a track faster? Is Kelly Slater a better surfer than Laird Hamilton because Laird has never won a world title? The answers to these questions could be debated forever, and it’s why we include the best athletes from all disciplines.

Established in 2012, the Action Sports Hall of Fame breaks the barriers that bind other sports. Now, and every year from now, we let the fans decide who should be inducted. Vote now for the class of 2013, and let your voice be heard!

How Voting Works

Nominees are inducted based on user (fan) votes. You can vote up to 10x an hour per athlete, every hour, every day.

Once you have voted for an athlete 10x, you can immediately move onto another athlete and vote for him or her up to 10x per hour.

Voting for the first year ends on May 1, 2013. The first year’s class of inductees will be announced in early June 2013, and then the voting will start again for the following year.

and… GO!!!

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