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Dearest Gloucester, the New England Worlds, the Dunkin Donuts of Bavarian Cream.  You had me hooked on my first taste in 2008.  Of course it helped that I won both days…but even still it was the fanfare, the heckling, the atmosphere, the town.  People can say all they want that Portland has the best cross scene but I beg to differ.  Come to Gloucester and I betcha, whether you win the giant beer or whether you’re lapped and take a beer feed you’ll be hooked.


At 11 we were on our way to the venue as I felt the nerves hatching like chicklets.  The tough part about this race is leaving enough time for socializing.  I thought my generous 3 hours would suffice but I still found myself scrambling.  Fortunately my dad, sporting his AD/CD shirt helped me carry bags and bikes to the enormous Schlamm bus, where I set up camp for the day.  Pedro’s set up a wicked lounge in the middle of all the action.  I was lucky to receive an invite from them and they helped me out bigtime, cleaning and ensuring my bikes were shifting like prizefighters.  They even stood in the pits for me and yelled things like “pedal harder!”, “bat those eyelashes!”, “SWING battah battah”, “you can’t have your cake with that crappy cadence!”  The energy that fuels Pedro’s is contagious and they are a company you want your bike lubed with.


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