Anne-Caroline Chausson Joins Ibis

Anne-Caroline Chausson

Anne-Caroline Chausson for Ibis

Anne-Caroline Chausson

by Sal Ruibal – Press Release

If we ran a list of Anne-Caroline Chausson’s career victories, there wouldn’t be any room to tell you about what she’s been up to in 2011. And even that’s a lot of winning.

The most important thing is that the most celebrated female mountain biker in history is racing an Ibis Mojo and is not only winning, she’s having a great time.

Like fellow Ibis gravity racer Brian Lopes, ACC has fallen in love with her new Mojo bikes and is showing no sign of letting up.

But while Lopes is L.A. Heat, ACC is Euro cool. She channels her awesome power in lines that only she can see, making the impossible moves look easy and the easy moves look like pure art.

She could ride any bike in the world, but don’t lay a finger on her Mojo, she might snap it off.

Her three 2011 Avalanche series wins in Europe plus two Crankworx victories would make a full career for most racers, but the 2008 Olympic BMX gold medalist is winning while also having the time of her life.

Crankworx is the epitome of no-guts, no-glory riding, taking the sickest lines in tight competition with the world’s best riders, being judged by peers who demand that every run be both clean and progressive.

Avalanche events are even crazier, mass-start enduro downhill madness that begin straight down a black-diamond ski run that might still be covered by snow and ice. It’s a mashup of downhill and cross-country, sometimes even taking a shortcut through a quaint Alpine village, scaring the crap out of  Heidi and the Von Trappe Family.

And there are hundreds, sometime thousands, of riders in a race. But you’ll always find Anne-Caroline at the sharp point of the mass of careening riders.

“I love riding my Mojo,” she says. “It is the kind of bike you feel good the minute you try it. I know I can follow my friends everywhere, no matter if its up or down the mountain.”

The Mojo has also made the world’s fastest female MTB racer even more recognizable.

“With all my racing gear on, it is hard for people to know it is me. But with my Vitamin Green Mojo, they know right away!”



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