Muddbunnies Race Team 2012 Season: Its a Wrap!

With 2013 just around the corner, the Muddbunnies are proud to release our new calendar featuring the race team! And we all know what that means – the race season is officially over.

This year, the race team took their inspiration from the elements (earth, air, wind and fire) and with that have been crushing courses all season long. The ladies represented at over 60 races across British Columbia and Washington State, never slowing down. Their dedication and training not only allowed them to focus on winning but also enjoying the camaraderie of being on a great team.

It is this enthusiasm that they bring to the races almost every weekend from February to October. As a team they have the ability to show other women who are getting into the sport that anything is possible. That said, they aren’t just a strong community of team mates and racers, they are also women who like to have a good time.

The Muddbunnies race team may spend most of the time enjoying their two-wheelers riding over dirt, mud, roots and rocks, but they’re also fun loving women and just like the elements, have several different sides.

The 2013 calendar is our newest installment showing life both inside and outside of the punishing race environment. These ladies race hard, and with the help and endless inspiration from our photographer Clayton Racicot and our most excellent designer Becky Kurle, we like to think they’ve contributed to a pretty killer calendar as well.

All and all it’s been a fantastic year. They rode tough as a team, and were able to represent at over 60 races throughout the season. It isn’t an easy sport but that’s why they do it. Loving the challenge as much as they love the people met along the way.

No race team is complete without giving up all the love to our sponsors who have helped and worked in tandem with us. With that in mind we would like to both shamelessly plug and also graciously thank:
Red Racer Beer, Reflect Sports, Dirty Girl Designs, Design Out Loud, Caps New Westminster, Different Bikes, and Velocity Cycles. for all of their continued support this season and into the next. It is because of their support that we are able to keep making rad things happen.

We can’t wait to see all of you at the races next year!

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