On April 3rd, FVMBA is dishing up another serving of pain with a side order of Mass Start Super D excitement. This is the kind of lung burning, sprinting for the hole shot, pinning it through the trees, letting it all hang out, on-the-edge-of-control kind of pain that will have riders asking for more.

Sixty-three racers came out for the first race on March 6th at Heritage Park in Mission. A common sentiment was how riders were impressed with the quality of the trail network in that area. It was a shorter course, but it didn’t lack in the fun factor. It was just the right amount of hurt and pain for an early season race.
FVMBA is stoked to announce the next race in our All Mountain Toonie Series.
A large volunteer crew has been out in full force to ensure the course is buffed and clear of any of the winter debris that was deposited on the trails over the past few months.

LifeCycles bike shop in Abbotsford has generously stepped in to sponsor Race #2 on April 3rd on Sumas Mnt.
This race will see a shift from the XC style course Mission had to a Mass Start Super D course that will favor a bike with a bit more travel. A short open road climb from the gate above Time Killer, will take racers up to Knobgobbler. This will allow racers to seed themselves before starting into the sweet loamy technical descends Knobgobbler is known for. Knobgoggler showcases some of BC’s best terrain – taking the riders through lush, beautiful west coast forests, featuring exposed rock roll downs, switchbacks, log crossings, bermed corners, and plenty of root hits.

Once at the bottom of Knobgobbler, you will cross the service road and dart backing into the trees, on to Noah Fear. This trail is spotted with TTF (technical trail features) that will spice things up and keep everyone on their toes.
Exiting out of Noah Fear, riders will make their way along an open road traverse to Lower Time Killer. If riders haven’t made their big move yet, this will be their last opportunity. Big bike descenders will be able to take advantage of this DH-inspired trail. There are plenty of steeper, high speed turns, drops and step-downs to be an equalizer for the earlier climbs. At the end of Lower Time Killer, riders will have a 600m downhill sprint along the service road. The Finish line is just passed the exit to the “World Cup” trail. This course features 150m of vertical climbing and 550m of vertical descending over a 6.5km course. Winning times will be sub 30mins!

The Registration area is mid-mountain, just off the main service road. Watch for signage. Parking is near Registration along the service road. Registration opens at 7am and closes at 9:30am. The Start area is a 30-40min pedal up the main service road from Registration. Riders need to budget their time appropriately and be at the Start area for 10am. The race will start with or without you, at 10am sharp! So you will need to be there on time.
At the Finish line, there is a short 15min pedal up the service road, back to the Registration / BBQ area. FVMBA will host a post race BBQ for everyone. And yes, we will have bigger capacity burners this time to pump the burgers out.

LifeCylces has teamed up with Rocky Mountain to offer a demo day after the race. The all new 2011 Slayers, Elements, Altitudes and Flatline Pros will be on hand to take out for a rip.

As always, to race in the FVMBA All Mountain Toonie Race Series, riders need to be a FVMBA member and have a Cycling BC license. Cycling BC licenses need to be purchased prior to race day. Visit www.fvmba.com for your membership and more info on the race series. Support FVMBA by supporting the shops and sponsors that have made this Series possible. A special thanks to Pinkbike.com, Kintec, Suspensionwerx, Wentings, LifeCycles, Crankys, Jacks, Velocity, and Avenue Body Shop.

1: Almost 1/3 of the racers at our last race were women. I’ve been on the Bear Race organizing committee for years and I’ve never seen such a high percentage of female racers.
2: We’re bringing in port-a-potties for Sumas, as there are no public washrooms…. well… except REALLY public.


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