Aviva Community Fund – Second Round Help Needed – NSMBA

Well, we almost made it into the first round. There was a huge push of votes in the last 2 days (almost 800!) for our bid, but we fell short. The second round starts on Monday, and competition will be stiff. If we want to get through we need to double or triple our efforts from the first round.

We need your help to get the word out. If you have time to volunteer, we can make this happen! What can you do?
– stop by your local shop to distribute reminder flyers
– spend time at a trailhead getting people to sign up
– poke all your facebook friends to jump on board
– (your best idea here)

Let me know how you can help, and let’s get one step closer to $100K for the trails we love to ride.

Mathew Bond
President and Acting Trail Director – North Shore Mountain Bike Association
Phone: 604-783-9650
Email: mathew@nsmba.ca



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