Awesome 2011 Crankworx Slopestyle Vid by Jordan Olthuis and Levi VK

Check out the video here:

What the maker(s) had to say about their video:

This is my epic video of the Slopestyle competition in Crankworx Whistler! The Red Bull Joyride competition. I put a ton of work into this video for you guys! I really hope you like it! The Redbull Joyride Competition at Crankworx Whistler was crazy and fun. Filmed by me (Jordan Olthuis) and Levi VK from Left Coast Visuals and edited by me!

This year I really wanted to make something better than last year’s Whistler Slopestyle 2010 video. I definitely spent more time on this video, every day for the last week I was on my computer for as long as I could working on this video. Trying to get it up as soon as I could. Well I finally finished it! It is a bigger epic masterpiece than last years’ video and I hope you like it!

The Music:
I wanted to choose music that no one would expect to be used, but yet works very well, just like last years’ video. This year though I wanted to choose a piece of music that would be more likeable by more people. Compared to Lady Gaga you know.

I kept my ears open for the last year for a song that would work great for this video. I was looking for something that would just sound better the louder you put it, which is what I felt about last year’s video. This past spring a certain song came out on the radio. Unfortunately the lyrics stood out as very unfitting with any kind of bike video at all. So I just thought, I’ll just use the instrumental, so I made the decision back in April for the music for this vid. I find that instrumentals work great, and I even uploaded last year’s video with the instrumental because I think it is much more appealing to people.

I used E.T. by Katy Perry, I just love this song and you can blast this song so loud and it just sounds better and better! As you’ve seen, I used the moon in a few shots where the riders jump through it, yes that is inspired by the movie ET of course! Which just so happens to be the name of the song I used! How fitting haha! So that’s how I got these ideas. If you watch the music video for E.T. by Katy Perry you will see similarities here and there because that video did inspired me a bit for this video too.

The Concept:
Once I decided on the music, then I could think about how I wanted the video to be edited. I wanted to portray the riders as if they are ‘supernatural’ or ‘superhuman’, I think that is fitting when we had the best riders in the world hitting huge jumps and stunts doing big tricks off them all.

But it was my song choice that really gave me this idea of portraying the riders in this way, because of the lyrics and the music video. So to help communicate this superhuman feeling to the vid, I decided to use a few dutch tilts here and there while filming and I also played around with time remapping while editing, you’ll see that a bit here and there. I also put in a bunch of time lapses, I filmed quite a lot of them in the past few months, basically of clouds, and the moon, and then a bunch at Whistler.

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