BC Bike Race Bound!

I am a new mom training for the 2011 BC Bike Race. Here is a bit of background about how this came to be.

First, a little about me: I am a self confessed, “jack of all trades and master of nothing” and this definitely applies to the physical challenges and experiences I seek out. Yes, I do have a few fave races that I have gone back and done a few times over; but as far as training goes I need something new to really wet my appetite. Chasing the time clock on the same course year after year just doesn`t seem to satisfy that appetite.   Something that does is that, “first-timer rookie experience”.  I love the nervous anticipation of doing something fresh and new, challenging yourself and evolving all the while.

Currently, I am on 6 months into my maternity leave for my first born, little man Cooper. Prior to getting pregnant I broke my leg pretty bad at a DH race on a fairly gnarly course. That is what I always craved when I rode..gnarly gnarly gnarly. Being off the bike and recovering from the break was followed by having my first child. If you need a wake up call about priorities, try that order of events and you will soon figure out how only smart riding can fit into this. We all learn someway or another that sometimes it is best to walk away and rideanother day. I wouldn`t say that I am a now a, “Nervous Nelly” but I know I approach riding with a bit more thoughtfulness and awareness of when I am on and when I am not.

So, you may think that getting used to being a mom may be challenge enough, but I am blessed with a great little guy who hasn’t put me through too much in the form of unpleasantries like some newborns can. Of course you lack sleep at times and you have to think about logsitics for everything, but ask any mom and they will agree that it is so extremely worth it they wouldn’t change a thing. Plus, every moment on the bike is relished and met with newfound appreciation; and to be honest if my ride is longer than an hour long I kinda miss him.

We hope to expand the family fairly soon so this year was the window for trying a multi day bike race, (something on my bucket list)! Plus, isn`t there something said about postpardum oxygen capacity increasing in women? Or something of that nature? With that being the case an endurance event made sense. This paired with a need to play it a bit safer with the, “wee one” at home. Also, the amount of time on your bike racing cross-country gives me so much more, “bang for my buck” compared to sessioning and waiting around for the 3-4 minutes to shine racing Dowhill. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a blast when you have that time.

The BC Bike Race (www.bcbikerace.com) was a natural choice since I love to ride, (like, really ride and not climbing logging roads for hours upon hours for days on end). I want a race that will distract me from the fatigue that is sure to come with miles of flowy, sweet singletrack . Rumour is this is the race that will not disappoint! Plus, I know alot of the BCBR crew and know they are all about providing and having a good ‘ol time.

For this event my hubby was planning on joining me with my little guy, so he could be super daddy while I ride and then we could retreat as a family for the evenings. However, three days after I registered for the race he found out his school dates had changed and suddenly I was without a pit crew and supernanny. I was considering withdrawing after only 3 days, (perhaps a new BCBR event record)!

The only real option was Nana and Grandad. I didn`t want to put them on the spot or present it as a dire situation so I mentioned it in passing to see how they would respond. Well my Mom, (bless her heart) said, “Oh, that sounds like fun!” Phew! I am in after all! The plan is to ride each day while my Mom hangs out with her grandson. Then, following a brief post ride hangout, we will retreat to our headquarters: the local motel.

Now that I have that figured out, it is time to train! My biggest goal is getting to the start line fit and ready without affecting time with my family. This being said, riding with training partners may be rare as there will be a need to jump on my bike when the time is right and sometimes on a moments notice. There will also be many nights on my indoor bike trainer mixed in with cross-training and pumping a bit of iron. This is base building time and the real fun is soon to follow.

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