Beads for Life

by Sarah Devrise


From one girl to another

In Luganda, the major language in Uganda, sanyu means joy and musana means sunshine. Those are two words that come to mind when I think of my best days mountain biking. I’m lucky to have had many of those days this summer.

But not everyone is so lucky… to have a nice mountain bike and the freedom to ride it on a gorgeous summer day. So many people live in poverty, trying to survive on $1.50 a day or less. There are many organizations that try to help these people. One of them is BeadForLife. BeadForLife creates sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone.


Just like in biking, you aren’t shown how to do every trail, but instead are given the tools to tackle your own challenges. This is the essence behind the Muddbunnies club rides: the club provides a supportive atmosphere in which we learn to overcome obstacles!

The BeadForLife organization strives to achieve the same thing by having its members lift themselves out of poverty by becoming independent and self-sustaining. The BeadForLife organization helps fellow women, half-way across the globe, start new lives by providing support and training, resulting in entrepreneurs rather than families relying on hand-outs.

Ugandan women make small beads from recycled paper and use these beads to make gorgeous, colourful, vibrant jewelry. The BeadForLife organization distributes the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to volunteers, who sell them through home and office parties and send the proceeds back to the Boulder, Colorado based organization. The profits go directly back to the Ugandan women. They earn an income, provide for their families, start other businesses, find independence, and see an end to poverty. How’s that for a little joy and sunshine?

You can learn more about the organization and read several success stories at .

In true Muddbunnie style, women support one another. Consider purchasing one of these women’s creations. By supporting them, we are giving them the tools to help themselves, their families, and skills to pass on to other generations and their communities. You can add sanyu (joy) to their lives!

A selection of the jewelry is available through December 07 in Vancouver, BC (email) or you can shop online (

Webale (thank you).

Selection available:

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