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Pure sloppiness!

Staying on the bike was a challenge in these wet and muddy conditions. I never did fall right off my bike, but I had my feet down a few times to keep myself upright as I slipped. I felt so rough on my bike, because you never really could predict where the mud was going to lead you.


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In these conditions your true fitness level is tested. I obviously have a lot to work on! I was so exhausted by the end of it. Going fast downhill through mud is super fun, but going through the flatter muddy sections was tough and grueling! I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through I was going so slow, and 7 minutes is a long time for a DH course! The wet conditions added about 2 minutes to everyone’s time.

I loved the ambiance at this race. Everyone was wet right through, but still super stoked to be riding their bikes.


A highlight for me was watching all the guys’ faces when Paula and Iz were hosing the mud off of each other at the end of the race (see video)! Haha!

Muddbunnies race Bear Mtn. 2011 from Lisa H on Vimeo.


Here are the results for Master 30+ Women:

1. – Westmoreland, Karaleen 149 Port Moody BC 00:06:32.59
2. – Kozevnikov, Kelly 253 BC 00:06:55.93
3. – Howey-Louter, Lisa 273 North Vancouver BC Muddbunies Riding Inc. 00:07:00.18
4. – Voracek, Veronika 159 Brackendale BC 00:07:25.69
5. – Deguise, Isabelle 246 Coquitlam BC Muddbunies Riding Inc. 00:07:29.07
6. – Moore, Cheryl 229 Coquitlam BC 00:07:38.88
7. – Janzen, Edith 44 Abbotsford Muddbunies Riding Inc. 00:09:27.60


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Follow muddbunnies on Twitter


5 thoughts on “Lisa’s Blog – Bear MTN DH – BC Cup #2

  1. It’s a tight race!!

    Name Total Points

    Deguise, Isabelle 330
    Howey-Louter, Lisa 330
    Kozevnikov, Kelly 330
    Moore, Cheryl 260
    Janzen, Edith 235
    Westmoreland, Karaleen 200
    Voracek, Veronika 140
    VanLith, Heidi 130

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