BOND trainings’ DH dryland Performance Program

Hey Ladies – for anybody interested in racing next year – or just fine tuning your DH riding this is a great program for the off-season:

BONDtraining’s DHdryland Performance Program - Achieve peak performance for the 2011 gravity season
For competitive downhill mountain bikers who want to take their riding to the next level.  It’s what you do in the off season that makes the difference.  Here’s your chance to get high level strength and conditioning, as if you were on a professional DH team, for a fraction of the cost.

 No two client’s needs are the same; workouts and programs are designed to fit each client’s unique fitness level, goals, and lifestyle.  BONDtraining equips clients to live their life - Stronger, Fitter, Faster, Longer!  1 on 1 Personal Training Individual personalized training sessions that will challenge and advance you to your next level of fitness - in the gym, on the trail or at the park.  Small Group Personal Training Share the fun and cost of personal training in small groups of 2 to 4 people. A cost effective way to get your high level workout.  Classes  Check out the variety of challenging classes Jason teaches here.  Contact Jason to book your first complimentary personal training session and inquire about pricing.  “My experience with Jason has been outstanding. I am a 70 year old man with the usual complaints.  Thanks to Jason my physical shape is better than it has been for years and I feel really fit. My family and friends have noticed the huge difference in my posture and energy level. Another major factor, with a fit body, the mind gets sharper and one feels good about himself!” Andrew  Mulkani, Owner - Telescopic Camera Crane Ltd.   “Training with Jason has become sacred time, I do not cancel, reschedule, or blow it off.  He judges his success not by the size of his clients pants but by their ability to overcome obstacles.  He has helped me not only reclaim the strength in my body but the power in my spirit, and in the aftermath of an eating disorder that is nothing short of a miracle.”  Andie McKinnon, Pediatric Nurse                                                                  

BONDtrainings’ DHdryland Performance Program

  • 2x, 1 hr sessions per week
  • Individually tailored strength and conditioning program
  • Workout in a small group with similarly focused gravity athletes
  • Charted fitness metrics used to track improvements
  • Dialed training atmosphere (Penthouse gym, motivated participants, high-level equipment)
  • Accessible cost structure – one discounted upfront fee, or a monthly fee
  • Access to Kona grassroots program
  • Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Time: 8:15-9:15
    Location: B-Fit – Penthouse Studio, 38 Fell Ave.
    Cost: $160 per mth (+hst), $1000 (+hst) 8 mth program ($200 savings)
    Begins: Tuesday, October 19th

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