It’s official: Muddbunnies has officially been sponsored by Brodie under the b TEAM Racing Sponsorship program. What this means for our club members and race team is some sweet deals and support from one of the best bike manufacturers out there! Check out their 2007 lineup here

Brodie b TEAM Racing Sponsorships:
Brodie Bikes is accepting sponsorship requests for teams and clubs. We are looking for organized, well spoken ambassadors to represent Brodie Bikes at races, freeride competitions, jump jams and any other local, provincial or national events in their area. Wherever possible, the team or club will have some degree of affiliation with a local Brodie dealer. All mountain bike and cyclocross proposals will be considered.

Muddbunnies founders: Michelle Santos and Ryan Petersen

Here’s a little bit of BRODIE HISTORY:
Paul Brodie, manufacturing custom steel hardtails, started Brodie Research and Technology in 1986. The hard-core mountain bike was a different beast than it is now, and Brodie frames were soon sought after in western Canada and the US, then in Europe, particularly Germany. Early frames were the climbMax, sovereign, eXpresso and romax.
The hand built eXpresso and sovereign models are still available.

CyberSport Ltd. assumed the worldwide distribution of Brodie bicycles in 1994. At this time five production models were offered as complete bikes, and the model lineup has expanded each year since. Production of aluminum models started appearing in 1998 and in 1999 the Holeshot was redesigned. The Holeshot with Easton Rad tubing, hydraulic disc brakes and chunky wheels with big tires was the first burly hardtail with a big fork that many people had ever seen. Although Brodie originally had been known as a custom, hand built cromoly steel hardtail company, we were fast becoming better known for our high performance bikes in all categories.

Test riding bikes is hardwork! Here’s Ryan bailing on the Brodie Holeshot in the bowl at S.Surrey Bike Park.

We worked at designing, building and testing Scandium prototypes frames for two years before offering three models in 2001, the Rodie, Spark and Sauce. Although expensive, Scandium is a technically advanced material with many attributes to build bicycles with.

Brodie started designing/producing full suspension bikes in 1995, with the original Brodie ‘Libido’. Bikes like the “69’er”, Thumper, Diablo, Devo and Sauce followed and for 2003 the 9 Ball replaces the 8 Ball and the Demon is a totally new model.

Brodie is small bicycle company with a staff having varied cycling backgrounds in Cross Country, Downhill, Freeride, Touring/Commuting and Road Racing. As we approach our 20th year of designing bicycles we’ll continue to offer interesting bikes tailored to their intended use and within most rider’s budget.


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