Welcome to the 2008 season, marking our 22nd year of doing it differently. We are introducing new technology and concepts in several categories, and have completely revamped all of our hardtail offerings, to better address the needs and wishes of the new generation of riders. Here are some of the highlights:

Marathon: 2008 marks a new milestone for Brodie with the introduction of Custom Select Shaped 7005 tubing. This new technology leapfrogs hydroforming. We are strengthening our frames geometrically without additional welding and more precisely controlling the wall thickness of each tube for greater weight savings. Instead of using high-pressure liquid, each tube is carefully formed by mandrel (think mold and die), which yields an extremely precise finished product. This new tubing can be found in all Marathon models, both 100mm and 130mm bikes, all the way down to the value priced Rite. As well, we are introducing new dropouts for even greater weight savings and the seat tube diameter increases to 34.9mm for greater strength. Weight savings are in the 1/2 to 3/4 pound range.

Lightning: As with Marathon, this series evolves with Brodie Custom Select Shaped tubing in 2 flavors: butted 6061 in Tempyst, Bandit and Fury, and butted 7005 in Kinetic and climbMax. Geometry is pure time tested Brodie. The cruZado will make its grand appearance in all its Titanium wonder. As XC continues its comeback, Brodie will be right there to provide a solid offering for every class of rider. Frames are approximately 1/3 pound lighter.

Brodie Climbmax

Speed: Commuter style bikes continue to grow, and we’ve tweaked our lineup going into the ‘08 season. Longer top-tubes allowing more room in the cockpit; Infinity at a lower price-point, and the cyclocross offerings have been massaged. Romax’s mission statement has morphed slightly and is now race legal: it gains a Brodie carbon cyclocross fork for weight savings, powerful Shimano cantilever brakes and a set of lightweight yet stiff Mavic Aksium wheels. The frame also gets some subtle shaping in the top tube to aid in portaging. Ronin shares the frame upgrades, and in the process gains a sweet set of sealed bearing road disk hubs. After launching to a great first sellout season, Ocho is back in black baby.

Brodie Romax

Brodie Ronin

Brodie Ocho

Journey: There is a lot of cool new stuff on this Journey… Quantum now comes “all dressed” complete with fenders and a rack. We are introducing three new internally geared “Utility Bikes”. First up is Pax, a step-through, 7-speed, 26” wheeled, rack / fender / kickstand equipped city machine. It’s what the Japanese refer to as a “shopping bike” and is perfect for runs down to the corner store, daycare, park or beach. Next are Section.7 and Section.8, which share the same frame. Section.7 is a stripped down 700c-wheeled, rigid, short-haul commuter, while Section.8 gains an extra gear as well as fenders, rack and a kickstand. Lastly, the ever-popular Theta is back and unchanged. If it ain’t broke…

Brodie Section.8

Rat: The youth has spoken. And we have listened. 2007 will be remembered as the year of the Rat, and we’ve worked hard to top it. We’ve streamlined and distilled the line to its raw essence. Heathen and Cretin have new frames this year with new gusseting under the downtube. As well, Heathen upgrades to a rear disk brake, while the winning spec on Cretin moves to a tried and true Marzocchi DJ2 with rebound adjustment, a hydraulic rear brake and comes down in price.

Brodie Heathen

Brodie Cretin

Descension: What a difference a year makes! Diablo, Damien and Devo had a great season, and have proven their reliability but their performance as well with numerous podiums in Canada and the US, and are on their way to the World Championships. All three frames return unchanged. With more Syncros and the addition of Crank Brothers pedals, the bling factor continues to rise! Dissident returns to satisfy the demands of skilled park riders across North America. With all the versatility and durability of a Swiss Army Knife, the 6” bikes are back from the fat farm… Now equipped with the finest suspension offerings from Marzocchi and RockShox, check out the FULL XT equipped 33lb Zealot.

Brodie Damien

Brodie Devo

Brodie Derelict

Hardass: We’ve updated our signature hard-tails this year with our new Brodie Custom Select Shaped FR tubing. Like the XC oriented versions, these precision tube-sets allow us to maintain strength while eliminating some welding. The geometry has also been tweaked for 08 with longer top tubes for more room and a dramatically new dropped and reinforced top tube for greater stand-over clearance. The Bruzza and new Holeshot share a beautifully manipulated frame, complete with new forged yokes that make for a 2.4 lb lighter frame than in 07. These bikes have evolved from big-huck hard-tails to classic North Shore freeride trail bikes, for those fans of the K.I.S.S principle.

Brodie Bruzza

Brodie Holeshot

We’ve worked hard all season long to bring you some of the most cutting edge products we’ve ever offered. See you on the streets, in the woods or on the lift…

The b Team.


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