DATE: 6/11/07

If any riders can spare the time its real important to come out to these open houses, as the SFU trails are getting more and more popular, and we’re now getting traildays running up on the mountain the local NIMBY’s are starting to rattle their sabres. Here’s a letter to the ed from last weeks BBY newspaper about the upcoming open house ands the Gearjammer trail:

“” News Leader

Mountain bike trail threatens creek

Jun 07 2007

Re: City of Burnaby advertisement, NewsLeader, June 2.

Many residents of the Oakdale and Glenayre neighbourhoods will be eager to attend the open house on proposed improvements to Burnaby Mountain Park advertised in the NewsLeader on June 2.

In spite of the hard work by the Stoney Creek Environmental Committee to restore fish to Stoney Creek continued soil erosion from unauthorized mountain bike trails jeopardizes their efforts.

The steep, lower portion of Gear Jammer Trail is the main contributor of sediment to Stoney Creek. The original park management plan called for the lower portion of this trail to be permanently closed.

Eight years later this gullied trail remains in use.

The City of Burnaby Parks Department proposes to upgrade the upper portion of Gear Jammer Trail from a crude mountain bike trail to a formal multi-use trail.

The lack of toilet facilities, off-street parking, and street lighting at the trail access points on the north end of North Road have been a long standing irritant to local residents.

The City of Burnaby parks department proposes to provide a small public toilet off North Road at Chapman. I don’t think this single washroom will be sufficient.

Will they provide some off-street parking to eliminate the jam of vehicles parking on the dirt shoulders of North Road?

All will be revealed at a public open house on the evening of Wednesday, June 13 at 8911 Cornerstone Mews in the UniverCity development on the top of Burnaby Mountain.

Derek Wilson

Port Moody “”

Let’s get some Muddbunnies rep out for this as this is our Beginner Bunnies Mtn and for so many of us, the place where it all began!

A Muddbunnies Beg/Int Club Ride on Buranby Mtn.

Photo: Ryan

Bunnie Lisette

Photo: Michelle Santos

You’ll be throwin the horns like Bunnie Vicki here after a trail ride on Burnaby Mtn.

Photo: Michelle Santos

Okay a shameless picture of moi. But it’s my website, so there!

Photo: Michelle Santos

Bunnies Mighty Mike and Michelle had this to say about riding Burnaby Mtn: “Wowaweewah!”

Photo: Ryan

Okay and if those pics weren’t inspiration enough to attend then check out this video by:
Stephen DeLuca of some sweet riding on Burnaby Mtn.


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