Bust Out The Spandex – Introducing the Muddbunnies Road Team, the Roadbunnies!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to team up with Alison Testroete, a Prospera Valley Gran Fondo professional ambassador, for our first ever Muddbunnies Road Team – the Roadbunnies! The team has been put together for one specific event, the Prospera Valley Gran Fondo, with Alison supporting the team with free entries to the race for everyone and training suggestions.

The team will be fully kitted and looking stylish in our new design.

This team is 100% possible because of our generous sponsors: La Fuga, Zoot, and Muddbunnies Riding Inc.

La Fuga in latin means, the escape, an escape from the norm. At La Fuga they’ve got two passions; cycling and travel. And they are committed to giving you the best travel experience with your bike. They run great trips to the best European Sportives. They give you the best support so you can get on and enjoy the event. All of their guides are passionate cyclists and there to help you do the best you can. They’ve got the best accommodation sorted at each event whether it’s the stately Grand Hotel in Cesenatico for the Nove Colli or the luxury of the Hotel Posta Zirm in Corvara for the Maratona. Oh, and they’re pretty friendly with the organisers too so you’re entry is guaranteed.

Zoot Sports, a global leader in endurance sports, is 100% focused on providing the athlete with the ultimate in performance apparel, wetzoots, footwear and accessories. For 25 years, we have been pioneering innovative product solutions that cover the athlete from start to finish and head to toe. Zoot continues to draw on its history in the sport and its athletes to deliver the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced and complete multisport product line in the world.

For the Roadbunnies team, Zoot has donated a pair of ULTRA KALANI W SHOE and ULTRA COMPRESSRx W SOCKS for each member!

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors!

The Roadbunnies team is made up of women from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. We are proud to have such a diverse team – get to know them below!

Alison Testroete
Even though I don’t live in Canada at the moment, I grew up in Abbotsford. I’ve spent a great deal of my life road racing, starting at the provincial level and slowly moving up to race internationally. I’ve stopped racing now to pursue other things. Having a few injuries changed my vision in where I wanted to go. I want to be involved with Crystal and this team because I hope to impact in some way. Despite the difficulty of women’s road cycling, I certainly value my experience and some people I met along the way.

Michelle Petersen
I bought my first road bike after completing and really enjoying my first triathlon on a mountain bike (I think in about 2000). I kept road biking while training for a few short triathlons, but then took a break from road biking when I started downhill mountain biking more. When a friend convinced me to sign up for the UBC triathlon, I figured I’d better get back on my road bike again. In 2010, I took on the challenge of completing Ironman Canada, which was an amazing experience! And in 2011, I signed up and finished my first 2 XC races, one of which was the Test of Metal. To finish off the 2011 season, I got the chance to participate in the Whistler Gran Fondo. I really don’t have any road racing experience, but do love to get out and enjoy pedaling around the Valley.

Patty Slater
I too started riding by entering into a short triathlon with my mountain bike and got instantly hooked! I needed a bit of a change from running without taking me away from my family too much and riding a bike was easy 🙂 I went from triathlons to duathlons and made my way to Mission for Wednesday night races. Grand Fondo last year with my husband was one of the best days we shared! I am really excited to join the bunnies and get in some more great rides this summer! It is so great to come from being one of the only girls out on the road to outnumbering the guys on our group rides!

Tracy Wagner Attieh
My story…… Actually stumbled into riding. My friend needed support to see her thru the Ride to Conquer Cancer two years ago. Running has always been my passion for the last 20 yrs but on that ride found another cycling took hold. That year I did the Ride which was amazing for many reason! Then on to my first Granfondo – Whistler. Loved every minute. Last year I did Penticiton’s Granfondo and then again Whistler. Both amazing. Little bit of a hill junky love heading up Cypress & Seymour.

Rosemary Gin
I began mountain biking when my husband and I moved to Nepal. At first the hills intimidated me, but I eventually grew to love them. I began to do mountain bike races and got hooked. Met some awesome people. We moved back to Canada in 2008 and my husband asked me if I wanted to get an anniversary ring or a bike. I said, “A BIKE!” and I was so excited about my new road bike. I love working on my fitness and have learned so much more about training and racing since I came home. I still am growing in the sport and look forward to learning more as I ride with all of you!

Cynthia Young
I started racing mountain bikes in 1997 and added road and cyclocross to the mix a few years later. Alison Testroete and I raced on the same team for a couple of years – back in the day. Such good times. Now I’m a full time mom of two little boys, as well as doing some mountain bike instructing and coaching on the side. My husband and I run a road riding club on the North Shore and we usually do one or two organized road events each Summer. I’m excited to try the Valley GranFondo – I know those roads pretty damn well from growing up in Abbotsford. Great riding out there!

Tammy Lang
In 2000 I was inspired to start cycling after meeting an inspiring man name John! I was invited out with him on a few bike rides and all I had was a Canadian Tire mountain bike. I soon discovered after riding a few times with him, I loved riding and needed to get a road bike like John had. I then entered a duathlon with his support and my Hubbies (Ivan) of course and did very well! I moved onto triathlons with my Hubbie and many group rides with others. My husband and I did our first 1/2 Ironman in 2008 and now would love to do a full Ironman! The longest ride I have done with my Hubby was a total of 206 kms from Ladysmith to Victoria and back. I am looking forward to this grandfondo and having been training hard for it!

Leanne Leroy
Hello Ladies! I’ve been busy enjoying the fabulous spring skiing conditions lately….hence my late introduction. I have been a runner my whole life, adding mountain biking to the fun in my early 30s; nothing serious, strictly recreational. As my running injuries increased, I began road riding…but on my mountain bike. Then, about 5 years ago, The Husband surprised me with a road bike for my birthday! We have ridden through the Rockies from Banff to Jasper together – an incredible journey – and completed both Whistler GranFondos. However, I am either riding alone or training with ‘the boys’, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to hook up with some ladies.

Nicki Noo
I’m really excited to meet you all. I was introduced to cycling about 5 years ago by friends who were signed up for ironman, I caught the bug, completed two myself, and I haven’t stopped since. This will be my first Fondo! Can’t wait!

Ryan Petersen
My love affair with bikes began when I was a kid, riding BMX (street), and XC with the boys and then post-university, a buddy took me on the local dh/xc trails and I was instantly hooked! Within 5 years I had founded the badest and radest women’s riding club ever created, changed my career from the film industry to the bike industry and had competed in multiple races. Now, almost 8 years later I have found a new passion within cycling, road riding. I can’t even begin to explain how hard I have fallen in love with this biking style. I would describe it as going from being “in the now” with mountain biking, to “finding my zen” through road cycling. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different.

Crystal Lambert
I am a total road newbie but have been mountain biking for a few years now. In the past 2 years my focus has changed from gravity fed riding to endurance riding. I have no claims to fame podium-wise but I’ve done the Test of Metal a couple of times, the Hell of a Series last year and some other lesser known xc races. My goal is to get more women out racing! I love racing so much for the atmosphere and camaraderie that I find at events, not the competition side of it. When I go to races it is like a reunion of my buddies (and new friends) coming together to participate in a sport we all love. My road bike has been grossly ignored this winter in favour of muddy trails but I’m excited to get more serious about my preparation for the Valley GrandFondo!

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