Ciao, Bellas


I’m always excited to hear about young girls getting into the sport of mountain biking. Women like locals Amber Zirnhelt and Kelli Sherbinin, have been a huge influence in getting our female youth motivated and excited about biking. Now there’s a pair of sisters from Vermont, (both professional riders) who are just as keen on getting our young female rippers stocked on the sport!———————————————————————————————
Pro-cyclist sisters Lea and Sabra Davison are helping the next generation of female mountain bikers tear up the trail.
By Lauren Ober

Lea and Sabra each earned top 10 finishes at national championship races this summer.
©Daria Bishop

For a group of girls in northwest Vermont called the Little Bellas, summer Sunday afternoons mean one thing: a fierce, knockdown game of dab. These girls could play endless rounds of the game–in which riders try to force each other to lose balance from their bikes and set a foot on the ground–provided that Little Bellas founders Lea and Sabra Davison join them. Trek/VW Factory Team rider Lea, 24, and pro Xterra triathlete Sabra, 22, started the mentoring program for girls ages eight to 12 this past summer; the group now has 20 kids and 10 mentors. Bicycling recently caught up with the Davisons to chat about the club’s first season.

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