Commencal Adds a New Ti Lineup

Riding a titanium frame is pretty exceptional, almost rare. A noble material with an instantly recognizable colour, it has unique benefits when compared to aluminum, cromo or even carbon. With its ability to better absorb vibrations, a titanium frame has a non negligible level of comfort. The durability of this element, unalterable, makes it almost eternal. The dream of every rider appreciative of beautiful materials. At Commencal, titanium has always had its place. Apart from its technical qualities, it accentuates a bike design with a high level of finish and elegant simplicity.

In December, our titanium range will grow with the addition of tow cross-country models; the Skin 26 & Skin 29er. We will also offer you the opportunity to benefit from offers on the rest of the range, such as the Absolut Dirt Jump and 4X.

More then ever, a “Bicycle d’ Opinion” makes sense.
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