So Michelle and I packed our bags, bikes and beer and headed up to Whistler for a day of WomensWorx.

My precious…my precious. I was fortunate enough to test ride a Brodie Zealot for the day and I have to say, “I’m in love for the second time”. PHOTO: Britnee Boychuk

July 23, marked the start of WomenzWorx with Gala training all day and the Gala Competition taking place Tuesday, July 24. This event is the first of its kind in North America and WomenzWorx festivities include free Bike Park tickets to the fist 100 women to check in at the Volkswagen tent next to guest relations.

We skipped the crazy-cheap clinic put on for only $29.99 (including lift pass) but a few other bunnies: Veronica, Susan, Asia, Danielle and Dee had a great time at the half-day clinic. Though rumour has it that Dorothy is out for a few weeks at least with a fractured collar-bone. Heal fast!

Jerusha Millar, Ryan Petersen, Susan Sheldon, Aja Philps, Danielle Baker, Michelle Santos.

Michelle and I, however, still cashed in on free lift passes then headed up the chair and did run after run in the rain, fog, and wind.

After a few laps of Crank-it-up, B-line and Heart of Darkness, we headed over to the Syncros trailer and spread the Muddbunnies love with Marshall Cant, who’s hookin’ up the Muddbunnies with sweet Syncros Headset/Salt n Pepper shakers, hats, belt buckles and Redbull, mmmm Redbull.

At the Syncros trailer we were fortunate enough to meet the one, the only, Candace Shadley, the founder of the Dirt Series. An incredibly humble and down-to-earth girl who’s paved the way for hundreds of female mountain bikers. Marshall couldn’t say enough good things about her and I can’t say enough great things about the Dirt Series.

So after being heckled from the girls riding the chairlift that passed over the trailer, (specifically Britnee Boychuk) we decided to hit up one last run. We met up with Britnee, who managed to convince us that A-line was practically a Blue run and she’d have our backs if any dudes gave us beef for riding too slow. Fortunately, as we neared the top of the chairlift we realized that she had to be down the mountain in 15 minutes for the Gala Race Info Session and so we were spared trying to keep up with one of the hottest, up-and-coming female rippers.

Michelle and I tucked our tails between our legs and ran back to the Muddbunnies Headquarters in Pemberton. Even with the less-than-ideal riding conditions, you couldn’t wipe the muddy smirks off our faces. What a great day!!!


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