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Well we all know that the weather sucks so I won’t talk about it. I hiked half way up the John Cowan designed biker cross course and met some new kiwi friends, Hamish & Brent, who held my umbrella for me and fed me beer, good start. I managed to catch the finals for the junior men, pro men and pro women. I have to hand it to them all, they ripped down that course as if it was dry, obviously there were some good bails but that is par for the course. I spoke briefly with Lynn, fourth place finisher for the pro women, she is a funny girl, her comment was “Two girls bailed in front of me in the semi final so I blew past them and then realized oh crap now I am gonna be in the gate with with Jill and Fionn!” Good work Lynn, you are a ripper! Watching both pro men and women’s events there was no doubt at any time who the winners were going to be, nice work Jill & Cedric.




Pro Women Results:
1st Jill Kitner
2nd Fionn Griffiths
3rd Joanna Petterson
4th Lynn Atchison


Pro Men Results:
1st Cedric Gracia
2nd Michal Mirosi
3rd Andrew Neethling
4th J.S Therrein

Senior Men Final: (19-29)
1.James McSkimming
2.Chad Larrain
3.Damian Bissett
4.Kyle Thomas

Master Men Final: (30+)
1. Clinton Fowler
2. Brian Onofrichuk
3. Christian Egelmair
4. Michael Stewart


Junior Men:
1. Tyler Gorz
2. Chris Myers
3. Michael August
4. Glen Bradley

Boys: (13-15)
1. Nicholas Geddes
2. Martin Bryson
3. Graeme Tod-Tims
4. Todd Castonguay


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