Date:Tue Jun 5, 2007
Source: Sir Bikealot/PINKBIKE

Well we are back at Kelso conservation area June 9/10 for the second stop in Canada’s largest DH and 4X race series, brought to you by Cycle Solutions and Ventana and Foes bikes. Don’t forget we have over $15000 in prizes to give away. Including prizes from our newest sponsor Yodo Distribution, whe sent over gear from Azonic, Atomlab and E-13. Our last race we smashed the attendance record and were looking to do it again by giving free entry in the race for all women! That’s right ladies bring a bike and full face helmet and we’ll put you on the course for free!
This brand new course from top to bottom will be sure to get people excited, it has tons of flow, more rocks than ever and the new patented triple drops!

Many thanks to those who showed up for the Kelso Build Day June 2nd, this community building activity helped create new sections on the race course as well as clean up some of the MTB trails at Kelso.


Pre-Registration is open online until June 8th at midnight so be sure to register at www.sirbikealotracing.com and save yourself some money, all licences must be purchased at www.ontariocycling.org or buy a 1-event licence at the race (remember if you bought a 1-event licence at DH#1 you must buy a full licence now).

I can’t thank enough our amazing support staff, Lee Allen (right hand man), Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, Ontario Ski Pro Patrol and staff and of course the amazing volunteers and sponsors:
Cycle-Solutions.com Bike Store, Foes and Ventana Bikes, Norco Performance Bikes, Kenda Tires, Titec Components, Want beverages, Yodo Distribution, Commencal.com Bicycles , Dropmachine.com, BMO, Hydro One, CIBC, Privateer Racing.

For all Registration, Results and Ontario Cup DH/4X racing info go to:


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