Cycling BC 2011 AGM







The 2011 Cycling BC Annual General Meeting will be held on  Saturday October 29th, 2010 at the Park Inn Hotel:

Park Inn Hotel
898 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1J8

Start Time:
Information regarding the election of officers have been posted on the Cycling BC website ( along with a copy of our 2010 Audited Statements. There are no proposed changes to the 2012 Membership and License Fees other than adjustments that may be proposed due to changes in our 2012 insurance premiums and/or the Cost of Living.


The Cycling BC Bylaws requires the following:

The executive shall serve a two-year term, subject to by-law 37 with the offices of President, Vice-President Mountain Bike, Vice-President Para Cycling and Vice-President Randonneur being elected in odd-numbered years, while the offices of Vice-President Road & Track, Vice-President Cyclo-Cross, Vice-President BMX, and Vice-President Financial Oversight shall be elected in even-numbered years.

Consequentially, Cycling BC is accepting nominations for the following board positions:

President (2 year term)
Vice President Mountain Bike (2 year term)

Vice President Para Cycling (2 year term)

Vice President Randonneur (2 Year term)


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of 2010 AGM Minutes
  3. Report from the President
  4. Report from the Chief Executive Officer
  5. Report from the Vice President Financial Oversight:
    1. Approval of Financial Statements
    2. 2012 Membership Fees
    3. Appointment of Auditors
  6. Report from the Vice President Road & Track
  7. Report from the Vice President Mountain Bike
  8. Report from Vice President Cyclo-cross
  9. Report from Vice President BMX
  10. Report from Vice President Para Cycling
  11. Report from Vice President Randonneur
  12. Elections (click here for Bylaws)
    1. President
    2. Vice President Mountain Bike
    3. Vice President Para Cycling
    4. Vice President Randonneur
  13. New Business
Who Can Vote?
All 2011 Cycling BC/UCI License holders who are in good standing with Cycling BC are eligible to vote.
Affiliated Clubs in good standing may elect, in writing, one representative, who is a valid License holder, to cast one vote on behalf of the club.
For more information about the Cycling BC AGM please visit

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