Cycling BC – Early Bird Race License Sales


Early Bird Discount – 10% Off Adult Licenses starting end of November!

End of November 2010, check out our new website and purchase your 2011 license. Adult licenses go on sale for 10% off until December 15th and 5% off from December 16th until December 31st.

Purchase a UCI/CCA BC Race License if any of the following are true:
· You will be racing in Cycling BC sanctioned racers and/or races outside of the province

· You will be racing as part of a team

· You wish to race in your age or ability class

· You wish to collect provincial series and upgrade points

· You wish to belong to a Cycling BC high performance, development or provincial team

· You wish to hold a technical license (Race Organizer, Commissiare, Coach)

· You are a BC resident for 6+ months of the year and have MSP Coverage

Purchase a Citizen Race License if the following are true:
· You will only be racing in Cycling BC sanctioned races

· You wish to gain race experience without purchasing a UCI license

· You are willing to race only in the citizen category (MTB) or lowest available category

· You do not wish to collect provincial series or upgrade points

· You will not be not be competing at BMX races

Check out the Cycling BC webpage for more info:


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