Cypress Mountain Bike Park

Over the past four years, Cycling BC has been in dialogue with the owner/operators of Cypress Mountain Ski Resort in an effort to have the mountain re-open the bike park that previously operated during the summer months.

A variety of logistical barriers existed in the years leading up to the 2010 Olympics that made it impossible for the mountain to consider a summer bike park. After the 2010 Olympics, Cycling BC renewed our efforts and submitted a proposal over the past summer that would see Cycling BC lease access to the mountain and at least one chair lift over the summer months in 2013.

The dialogue with Cypress Mountain is ongoing and we will continue to explore all possible options to have the bike park re-open. For their part, the owners of the mountain have been open to discussion and honest in their assessment of the profitability of a bike park venture on Cypress.

With that in mind, Cycling BC is forming a stakeholder group in an effort to bring together all the parties that would like to be involved with this effort to re-open the bike park.

Any member, club or stakeholder wishing to be involved in our new Cypress Mountain Task Force is asked to contact either Keith or Tara at the Cycling BC office.

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