British exile and frequent Singletrack contributor Dan “Dave” Barham has just assaulted us with a Press Release about his newly revamped website. There’s photographs of people riding bicycles on it and stuff. Go check it out…


The man himself writes…

“Now that I’m a BC resident, I’ve been told I have to write this release as if I’m a local, and who am I to refuse? So here it is, “rad style”.

“DUDE, you should TOTALLY go check out my website ( www.danbarham.com). I’m STOKED to be offering a select number of my images as high-quality, “fine art” prints. It’s a result of fielding a growing number of separate enquiries as to whether of not I offer them – I figured it’d be easier to put them all up and let people browse / pay for them online. SENDING IT big print stylee, BRAH. What better way to show someone you think they’re AWESOME than by buying them a print? That someone can be you, of course, and don’t forget – they’d make SICK Xmas gifts too.

“Check out the available images at http://www.danbarham.com/prints/

“Free kudos with every purchase..”

Dan Barham :: Professional Mountain Bike Photography
www.danbarham.com :: photo@danbarham.com

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPGMUDDBUNNIES NOTE: Look for more stunning images by Dan Barham in the upcoming 2008 Muddbunnies Calendar!


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