It’s February. Normally at this time each year I am skiing or sitting in a cold, damp university classroom – but not this February. This February (thus far) has been full of sun, skateparks, bikes, and beaches. Why you ask? Because I’m in California!!!

I decided to escape the dreary Vancouver Island winter this year and come down to the land of lap dogs, bleach blondes, and vanity (yep, I’m in LA) to see if I could spend more time on my bike than I could at home (which is bound to happen because it’s too cold to ride at home).


So far it’s been working out great. I drove down with my friend Toni and we took a few days to see the sights and some friends along the way in Portland, San Francisco, and Morro Bay. Although I’ve done that drive a few times, I always forget how long it really takes. I’m dreading the trip home for that reason alone!

Anyways, I’m here now and I’ve been insanely busy since I first rolled in.

I first went to visit my sponsors who are based out of Cali – Oakley and Etnies – and then began my mission. Ride till I drop!

The first weekend I was here my friend and I went to Woodward West. I’ve never been there before but I think ‘mind-blowing’ would be the right word to describe it! It was snowing like crazy up there, but thankfully we could ride indoors. I switched between my 26” and 20” bikes and had a lot of fun on the ramps and in the foam pit. I learned a ton and acquired a few bruises to prove it!

In LA, I have some friends with sweet hookups to skateparks in the area that are supposed to be skate-only, but somehow we are allowed to ride there! Because of that, I’ve been riding my BMX twice a day. So fun! My mountain bike friends all have “real” jobs so I’m going to have to wait until the weekend to ride trails…I can’t wait! I miss dirt.

Well, I have to get my day sorted. Let’s see. . .where to ride? What Mexican food stand to eat at afterwards? So many decisions!

Sending sunshine from California!



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