Darth Days – Just a few years ago the North Shore would host events called Rippers

Just a few years ago the North Shore would host events called Rippers. They took the best parts of races and costumes parties and put them in the bush where they belong.

This year Wade Simmons, the God father of Freeride stepped up to the plate and stuck his chain lube stained, muddy little fingers into the North Shore Pies.

A truly excellent shore-style adventure must combine a full day of trails, costumes, secret trails and mysteries to figure out along the way. Throw in hidden treasures, celebrity sightings and a free BBQ and you know that the Muddbunnies would ride on flat tires and broken rims to be a part of it.

The morning sun promised a scorching day but Fromme was cool in the shade of her Hemlocks and still moist from dawns’ dewy daybreak. Trucks pulled up and riders spilled out, pooling around the staging area. Anticipation of the promised adventure set childlike curious grins onto their faces. The staging area became a watering hole of all the people you have ever ridden with, splashing high fives and diving into conversations long overdue.

The bunnie tent was set up and Team Muddbunnies stepped forward for the team photo. Somehow  Wade and some volunteers managed to persuade 150 riders over to the start line. Perky ears floated over the start on smiles eager with the thrill of the ride.

In this event you were given a series of trails to ride. The bunnies drew 7th right off the bat and sent the strongest climbers out. Sweat started dripping off of us around the 2nd switchback. Everyone questioned where we would end up, who would get there and what we would have to do after.
We also wondered if we would find any secret cold bevvie stashes rumoured to be on the trail.

Tina, Sherri, Holly and Jen, I’m not sure if they are showing us how strong they are or if they are holding up beers, either way, a darn fine looking team.

Down near the staging area the Bunnies held up the long standing tradition of the Bunnie BBQ. The thick smoked wafted through cedars, the smell of good times on good trails with good folk. Volunteers make these moments possible. Each person who took a day of riding to support the racers deserves respect. Its because of the volunteers that moments like this…

And this,


The final ad most secret of trails had to be unouzzled from a series of clues posted along the trails. As fitting end to a great day was a rip down the “secret trail” , the newly buffed Ladies Only.  Ladies only , practically a new trail, perhaps should be renamed “Bunnies Only”?

4 laps, a buger or two and a few litres of water later it was time to ask.. What next? Where else would the bunnies end up but our own Club Pub, The Bridge Between.

Where else would we end up? Bunies at the Bridge Between.


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