Deer Point Trail, Christina Lake – by Diana Walker

Christina Lake has always been a part of my life.  My family has had a cabin on the lake for decades before I was even born.

This past summer, having a brand new XC bike, I decided it was time to explore the Deer Point trail, which goes from behind my cabin, to the head of the lake.  It’s a fairly mellow pedal – I’d say it’s a beginner level trail, however there are some rockier sections, and some parts with drop off’s right beside the trail.  It’s 10kms each way, with a 200m elevation gain.

Crystal joined me at the cabin and we set off on our pedal to the head of the lake!

After the first major climb, we stopped for a photo..

Only a few km's in

There were amazing views the whole way, so we stopped again for the photo op!

Stopping for a Photo!

Mellow single track with amazing surroundings.

riding through the beautiful scenery!

Nearing the end of the trail, the Sander Creek feeds into the lake.  Crystal is loving all of the Kokanee (land locked Salmon) swimming up the creek to spawn.

Can you see all the fishies??

And finally we arrive at the beach at the head of the lake!

my sexy bike!!

Having a quick snack, then time to pedal back to the cabin!


At this point I’m realizing that a Shammy is going to be a really good purchase…

Half way through the return trip, I could almost taste the cold Lucky… mmmmmm

A well deserved beverage after the ride!

After re-hydrating, we then packed up the DH bikes and went to the other end of the lake to meet up with the local riders to start the shuttles….

the most fantastic day of biking ever 🙂  I will definitely do it again next year!!!  Until then, I have my computer backdrop to stare at…

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3 thoughts on “Deer Point Trail, Christina Lake – by Diana Walker

  1. Wow Di!!! That looks amazing! XC and shuttling – can a day get any better than that??!! How long does it take to get to Christina Lake from Vancouver? If ur cabin has a lawn, can my hubby and I put dips on for a spot to pitch out tent next year??!!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Mic!
    It takes about 7 hours…
    No lawn, only forest and beach 😉 And there’s a campsite right down the road!!

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