Deer Point Trail – Year 2

Last year Crystal and I rode the Deer Point trail in Christina Lake and loved it so much that this year we decided to post the ride as an official Muddbunnies Club ride. Since Christina Lake is a seven hour drive from the lower mainland we weren’t sure how many bunnies would turn up, if any. To our delight, three bunnies made the trek to join us in my favorite place on earth!

We met at my family’s cabin at 9am and put our swimsuits in my dad’s boat before setting out on the trail towards the head of the lake.

Deer Point Trail, Christina Lake

The ride began with a fairly good 20 twenty minute grunt uphill but then it flattened out and we  enjoyed a beautiful traverse above the lake with amazing views.

The top of the first climb! Lindsay, Amber, Crystal, Berg, Diana


Berglind's cruisin

Getting close to the head of the late – checking our the creek where the Kokanee (land locked salmon) are currently spawning.

can you see the fishies in the creek?

Not having to pack an entire lunch was such a great treat!  arriving at the head of the lake to have all the ingredients to make turkey sandwiches was pretty fantastic (thanks dad!)

Lunch imported by boat!!


can you bring lunch to all our club rides dad??

Heading back there was still a ton of riding fun to be had, and beautiful views, again!

Crystal rippin some sweet singletrack!

back at the cabin it was all about relaxin on Party Island!!! 

muddbunnie party island!

See you again next year Christina Lake!

Thanks to Berglind for the use of her photos. For all of Berg’s photos, take a look here:


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4 thoughts on “Deer Point Trail – Year 2

  1. Nice pics! What an awesome day you had for the ride. Now if only we could all get the personal lunch service 🙂

    PS. I love your Dad’s shirt!

  2. What a memorable trip! Thanks Di and Crystal for ride-leading. And thanks ladies for good all-round fun. Amber

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