Denise Ramsden: A Ring to Remember

Dean Campbell, Staff

Almost weightless, the ring on Canadian road cyclist Denise Ramsden’s finger is always there. It’s a reminder of family, of so much of what has helped her get to the London 2012 Olympic Games. But it’s a bittersweet possession.

Meant to be worn on the pinky finger of the dominant hand, the ring was earned by Ramsden’s father, Dave, when he became a professional engineer. It was meant to remind him of the obligations and ethics of his profession.

Two years after her father passed away from cancer, the ring now reminds Denise of the events that shaped so many aspects of her life growing up.

Ramsden started out speed skating and cross country skiing, but soon became bored, and at about the same time she began to get interested in triathlon. Her father helped found a triathlon club, and soon, Denise was doing her best swim, bike, run performances. But it was in cycling where she really excelled.

“Before that we didn’t realize I could just do a bike race on its own, but through the club we heard about the Ottawa Grand Prix, so I went and did it that year,” said Ramsden.

A year later, she shifted her athletic ambitions to two wheels and hasn’t looked back.

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