Deuter Bike Pack–A Review!!!

by Maiken Hansen

My old bike pack was smelly.  Not from neglect or lack of suds but from overuse.  When I heard about the Pro Deal Deuter is offering to MuddBunnies Ride Leads and Sweeps I made the commitment and purchased the bag based on the good faith of Internet reviews.  Lucky for me, Deuter is a solid name with solid products.

Product you are testing:  Deuter Compact Air EXP 8 SL


How long have you been riding with the product?  I’ve had my pack now for about 2 months.

During what styles of rides are you wearing it on?  I where it for all kinds of rides:  XC, All-mountain, Downhill, Endurance.

How do you compare the product to competitors (and which competitors)?  Getting used to my Deuter bag has been a bit of an adjustment because it forces you to wear it properly.  I never knew you were supposed to have the weight of your bag sit on your hips!  Compared to my Dakine and Camelbak packs this packs suspension back system keeps me dry on cool during long rides.  This has been a huge benefit in the warmer weather and I think being able to keep my back dry will keep me warmer through the cold months as well!

Word on the street (popular/not popular):  In general I haven’t seen many Deuter bags out there.  I have seen more and more suspension style bag surfacing recently.  Manufactures have finally realized that a dry back is a happy back!

General ride characteristics/fit:  I feel that the bag helps reduce pressure on my upper back since it has a metal frame.  This is rare to see in such a small pack!  I have found that at times the pack feels to loose and can shift during corners or jarring features but you can easily shift it back without stopping your ride.

Your thoughts on improving the product:  This product did not come with a bladder.  It would be fantastic if a bladder were included.

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