DATE: 6/7/7

Sombrio and Steed bring you the Espresso Trail Day – Sunday June 10th

Lunch, Big Swag and a great time for all.

This weekend’s trail day is sponsored by Steed Cycles and Sombrio. The good people at Sombrio are digging deep to give away great swag as well as deep discounts for riders who dig all day.

When: June 10, 2007 @ 9:00 am

Where: Espresso. Meet at Upper Lynn School – 1540 Coleman St. in North Van – at 9:00 am.

Official Sponsors: SOMBRIO, STEED CYCLES, and NSMBA

What: SOMBRIO will be giving away, through a random draw, boat loads of 2007 product-ranging from FREE jerseys to 50% off selected Sombrio jerseys at Steed Cycles for people who volunteer the WHOLE trail day.

Who: Dave Watson will be there for the morning session as well as virtually all the Sombrio staff. The Sombrio crew will be there working the BBQ, slinging dirt and hammering nails.

If you are lucky enough, and the odds are good, to win a fresh new Sombrio jersey you will be given a voucher which must be redeemed at STEED CYCLES within the following 7 days.


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