Fox Racing Truck, Trailer Stolen!

Tuesday morning between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am while Mike Vanlienden was staying in a local Hotel outside of Quebec someone drove off with our entire truck and race trailer. The Trek mechanic actually saw it going down the highway towards the Montreal around 4:00am. We are absolutely gutted about it as it was stocked with our prototypes, Titanium spring inventory and everything we needed to service our teams and riders for the upcoming important North American events. In addition we were transporting the Atherton’s North American pit setup. Luckily they had their bikes with them. We prepare very early for the race season and thanks to preseason testing, servicing/rebuilding our athletes product every race and supplying adequate spare suspension, we will get through it. This is our most important year to date as we are currently leading the mens and womens DH championship along with the mens 4x championship, and need to make sure we can service these top riders at the highest level.

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