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Survivor Bootcamp North Vancouver was happy to come on board as one of the Muddbunnies Riding Club sponsors earlier this year.   Over the last couple of years a lot of people have asked me personally about cross-training, in particular about the best (and usually the fastest) way to get results that will improve their bike riding experience.  Now although Bootcamp isn’t the only way to cross-train in my opinion it is definitely one of the best.

If you invest 1 hour a day, 5 days a week over a 4 week period you will notice an improvement in your bike riding and handling skills.  Two of the benefits of Bootcamp that directly affect your biking are; improved cardio-vascular system (you are going to find it easier to pedal up the hill) and increased strength (easier to maneuver the bike around)

If you don’t believe me why not sign up for the latest promotion I have going!  I already ensure that any Muddbunnie wishing to sign up for my classes is given a fantastic deal, now I am letting you come along for free.


Monday May 9th, 2011

6am & 7am

Summer 1997 - Australia

Trainer Bio : It’s hard to believe that barely 4 years ago, I woke up and admitted the brutal truth. I was overweight, and overworked. At 265lbs I needed to do something. I began with a simple plan to walk everyday and joined the gym. Then I started by eating smaller meals 5 -7 times a day. After 9 months I had lost 95lbs and enrolled in the Australian Institute of Fitness where I lost an additional 35lbs. Who would have thought that in 9 months I would change my life forever and devote my time to helping others with similar stories as a certified personal trainer.

In less than 12 months from the time I had started, I lost half my body weight. I changed my career and I moved half way around the world. I have gone from the girl that could barely run a single block to the girl who has run half marathons, hiked to remote locations and this year will be competing in endurance mountain bike races.
There is not a day that goes by that you won’t find me out and about being energetic and active. Enjoying all the benefits of what my hard work has given me. If you’re looking for motivation then I’m here to support you on the journey to a healthier fit you!


Credentials : Certified in the following areas:
*Personal Trainer
*Group Fitness Certification
*Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor
*First Aid and CPR

2011 Vancouver - On any given day!


Monday May 23rd, 2011


Trainer Bio : At the tender age of 35 and after years of playing the yo-yo weight game, Amber made the bold move to get out from underneath that office desk and teach fitness for a living.

Amber is a Registered Yoga and Pilates Mat Instructor, Group Fitness Leader and Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor who motivates and inspires with her passion for fitness and wacky sense of humor.
Can’t fit into your skinny jeans? Well most of the time neither can she!! Her classes are a fusion of her certifications and never the same twice… won’t be disappointed. Come out and have some fun!

Credentials : Certified in the following areas:

*Registered Yoga and Pilates Mat Instructor
*Group Fitness Leader
*Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor
*First Aid and CPR

Don't let the Yoga pose fool you!!!


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