FVMBA: Bear Trail Building Day

So often when I am riding the trails at Bear Mountain, or any of the other local mountains for that matter, I am in awe that I get to experience such beautiful scenery while doing such an exhilarating sport. I truly admire the amount of work that goes into trail building, the hours spent, and the engineering required.

For these reasons I was very pleased to get the opportunity to help out and give back when the MuddBunnies decided to do some trail maintenance at the end of May.


With about nine of us women there we carried in a bunch of wooden planks and got to work building a bridge on the new climbing trail. It was a great environment with everyone working together with smiles on their faces. I was amazed at how quick the bridge actually got built. We then did some raking of the trail and cutting of roots. I really enjoyed being able to get dirty and give back with a group of likeminded and awesome women. I look forward to more opportunities to lend a hand and do my part.

IMAG0932_Fotor_CollageWords by: Selina Marie