FVMBA Sumas toonie Race – Postponed

The following message is from the Race director, Matt Scott:

The FVMBA Toonie Series has been a great success so far and the Race Committee has put a lot of work in to make this possible. But unfortunately the June 5th race was scheduled too close after the Vedder race.  Compounded, a few of us have had work & family commitments with some vacations scheduled. The time lines were starting to be too tight to properly prepare.

It was posted on our website that the June 5th race would be postponed, but I thought it would be best to also follow up with a email to our sponsors. We would like to thank Pinkbike.com, Cranky’s, Kintec, Suspensionwerx and Avenue Bodyshop for your support with the FVMBA Toonie Series. We will be sure to keep you informed as soon as we have finalized the date for rescheduling.

Matt Scott
FVMBA Race Director we’re having to postpone the June 5th Sumas race. We haven’t yet picked a date, but we’ll get that worked out soo and get the word out.

If you want to view photos, see race results, or otherwise learn more about the toonie series and other FVMBA activities, visit our web page: www.fvmba.com

– Steve


Photo from Vedder Super D - FVMBA toonie race


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